Athlete Spotlight: Ebrahim Rajabi




Age: 18

Occupation: Swimmer/Artist

Why did you join the team?
“It was the first sport I ever loved and wanted to be a champion of. We don’t have a lot of swimming opportunities in Afghanistan—only mountains—so swimming is unusual and water polo is very special because it’s something not many people do. We don’t have many facilities for swimming and water polo, so being a champion would be even more special.”

What do you think having a water polo team will do for Afghanistan?
“It will show that even though we don’t have many resources and the proper facilities that we can still be champions if we work hard enough. We want to help bring peace to Afghanistan by bringing people together with a shared goal.”

How hard of a sport is water polo to learn?
“It is very hard. It is a very tough sport and even harder since we don’t have the facilities. It is hard to have money to go swimming and train. We know we have many problems in Afghanistan, but we have a common goal, and we also know that we can and we will achieve our goals.”

Head Coach Jeremy Piasecki:
“Ebrahim is a player that you would want on any team: water polo, swimming, or any sport for that matter. He is dedicated, passionate, and extremely passionate about the sport that he loves. Even though he is one of the youngest on the Afghanistan National Water Polo Team, he is a natural leader who inspires by his actions in and out of the water! Ebrahim is a cornerstone of the program and will continue to be for years to come.”